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Owner Name: mike pedersen (mikey1)   Location: denmark
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 6th Gen   Date Added: 07/19/2012   Date Updated: 07/19/2012
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Ride Mods
2.2 v-tec with 190 HP.

lether seats with enbroidert V-TEC in the back:D

air conditioning

AraoBeat dials

elektric seats, side mirrors, sunroof,
BC racing adjustable suspension!
in hardness and high:D

Future Mods:
other air filter and pipes.

just bought a HKS airfilter and HKS exhaust ;)
aftermarked frontbumber
aftermarked rearbumber
aftermarked sideskirts
white taillights
i do not know what my headlights brand is?
tint windows in the back and the sunroof too!
US wagon airbrush paintet on the tailgate.
white light all the way around sidemarkes and so on.
summer: akuza Creation 20" Crome!
tires: ATR SPORTS 225/30 ZR20- 85W
pioneer dvd screen: plays dvd musik, mp3, radio, gps:D

boxter speakers and one 1000w JBL 12" subwoofer and a 1400w DHD amplifier
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Posted By: edrock68      On: 09/30/12 11:43pm
Interesting looking ..join us at the forums .
Posted By: F20B3      On: 08/10/12 04:24pm
very nice.... does the spoiler generate any downforce or just for style?


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