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Owner Name: bryce briggs (bryceintexas)   Location: usa
Ride Info: 1993 Accord Wagon 4th Gen   Date Added: 10/21/2011   Date Updated: 10/22/2011
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Ride Mods
97 f22 that an idiot helped me bueno in need of assistance
Stock but very clean
Bagged bay bay....Chevy 1500 cans in and prelude cans in front 2 480 viair compressors 8 gallon tank 9 switches front back side to side pancake
Future Mods:
H23 vtech...turbo!!!...lime green candy paint....chop the top off....white rims....list goes on and a good job this is my new money pit
Shaved handles emblems and top 12k high and low beams just put on pics comin soon
18" enkei wrapped in toyo
Clarion deck knockoff 1000 watt amp pushing 2 10's
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