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Owner Name: Lorez Varkonyi (lorez)   Location: hungary
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen rebuilt   Date Added: 12/20/2009   Date Updated: 10/06/2011
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Ride Mods
engine - H22A - 4th gen prelude Si VTEC - japan import
tranny - JDM with LSD, but i think, i build manual tranny with lsd:)

i rebuilt the engine with OEM bearing, seals, rings and all parts:)

stock engine at moment, but i have ATR camshaft, intake, and greddy e-manage
from 4th gen prelude
ecu, tcm
accord gauges are controlled by prelude panel
digit ac

accord euro r doorsill

gauges under the radio:
oil pres, tranny oil temp, voltage
gauges on the A pillar:
engine oil temp
mitsubishi 4pot front brake
prelude wheel bearing
skunk2 spring and shock-absorver
5 lug conversion
Future Mods:
maybe 4wd
i made some modifications after, i made the pictures
i fabricated the stock grill and i buy mugen sticker on the ebay
honda of america emblem on C pillar, and the rear door has uswagon plate
black house stock stanley headlamp, and yellow front foglight (lamps come from japan)
supersprint exthaus
catalysator with TWC
winter wheel - 15" OZ
summer wheel - 17" MOMO
service wheel - 15" factory plate wheel
audiovox roof monitor
alpine 2 din head, with navi, tv, dvd and card reader
mac audio mx3000 amplifier
magnat speaker in door
AWC Forum Name:
big blue
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Posted By: jarhead293      On: 12/25/09 03:26pm
Damn dude tons of time and money put in. looks great. listen make sure to joins us in the forum section. I have to pick your brain a bit, really like what you did
Posted By: edrock68      On: 12/23/09 03:05am
Nice MODS! Join us at the forums.


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