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Owner Name: isaac henry (wagonon20's)   Location: trinidad
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 5th Gen   Date Added: 08/27/2009   Date Updated: 01/25/2010
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Ride Mods
LEATHER GREY and Birdseye blue
air ride suspension 4 wheel disc brakes
Future Mods:
custom bodykit
20inch tiS wrapped in Nankang 30 series tyres
pioneer dvd deck rockford fosquate 12inch p3 subwoofer four 6 inch eminence mid range speakers 900 watts 4 channel crunch amplifier and, Rockford fosquate 1000 watts mono block
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Posted By: DA SHT      On: 03/27/11 02:21am
Sup bro, nice ride!
Posted By: wagonon20's      On: 12/22/09 08:07am
got some new pics to post up real hard pics
Posted By: Kellen      On: 09/30/09 02:00pm
clean interior man! join the forums
Posted By: jr mafia      On: 09/12/09 10:12pm
trini massive. but it look like allyuh doing it bigger than me in trini lol. this is like de 3rd wagon i saw on this page from trinidad. keep repping trinis. but hey de ride look sweet
Posted By: wagonon20's      On: 09/03/09 03:53am
yeah man respect!
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 08/31/09 03:16am
yeah man now that's what we' talking about...TRINIDAD in an nice wagon


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