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Owner Name: David Villaman (NYNINO2)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen   Date Added: 06/10/2009   Date Updated: 07/05/2009
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Ride Mods
stock with 93k miles orig only paid 2800
grey stock and mint
Future Mods:
ima give it my taste like every car i had but this is my first wagon and ima jdm the shit outa of it
omg needs a paint job ima get it painted the same color
stock hub caps for now gona throw my ex rims
alpine radio but system in the works
AWC Forum Name:
dnt memba now sorry
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Posted By: jarhead293      On: 06/27/09 04:02pm
easy to help you out with the measurements for the drop, rims and itres. just join the forum. all the info you can get is there
Posted By: NYNINO2      On: 06/26/09 01:53am
thanx im lookn for type of suspension to put if i stay stock rims ex of course or 20 what drop i should go for im not sure what drop or tires and also lip and wing dont know were to look this bad boys are hard left the civic game for my wagon and i louv it
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 06/23/09 05:05pm
Nice and clean wagon!!! join the forum


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