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Owner Name: chico drummond (93bagdwagon)   Email:   Location: usa
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen lx   Date Added: 10/05/2008   Date Updated: 10/24/2008
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Ride Mods
short ram intake.dirt.header.more dirt
7"tv.dirt.rf power 800 amp.more dirt.mtx 10s .coffee stains
ebay coilovers.cut bump stops.
Future Mods:
clean it all up and drive it.its my daily.i have a 93 accord wagon on here also.
clear lights.dents.billet grille.dings.tinted windows.scratches
small old 18" chrome panthers.plenty of camber wear.
jensen tv/dvd.rf amp.two tens
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Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 10/12/08 09:43pm
Welcome to the Wagon Family, Love the rims and GLW your Futute mods. Join the forum.


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