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Owner Name: Sabri (naphta94)   Location: Canada
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen EX-R   Date Added: 07/04/2008   Date Updated: 05/16/2010
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Ride Mods
JDM H22 w/ 5 speed LSD.
Greddy SP2 full catback
JDM type S intake
jdm center console lid w/ cupholders, mini fridge in the hatch, a table & pair of folding chairs
Omni Power Coilovers, Progress rear sway, upper strut, rear strut, Powerslot rotors
Future Mods:
new paint job, wagon spec suspension, 5 lug swap, new rims, black interior, upgrade audio
JDM Optional CE1 Lip kit w/ SIR front lip
Azect one piece grill
jdm power folding mirrors
front & rear fog(s)
18' Katana KR-7's on Federal 215/40's
Alpine Deck/Focal Components(soon)
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Posted By: TcChino5      On: 01/22/09 03:55am
she looks aggresive from the front with that grill
Posted By: sherlon19      On: 10/26/08 04:46am
wowww esta linda cuidala
Posted By: dj_gallito83      On: 08/31/08 02:30am
nice sir lip...those are hard to find
Posted By: Kellen      On: 07/07/08 07:14pm
now that's just sexy, awesome job
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 07/07/08 03:52pm
DAMN she's hot, good job. Join the forum!


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