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Owner Name: Eric (Accrdwgnguy)   Location: USofA
Ride Info: 1992 Accord Wagon 4th Gen LX   Date Added: 06/26/2008   Date Updated: 05/14/2009
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Ride Mods
K+N Cone filter
H23A1 Intake Manifold
Double Stack IAB's
Urethane filled Front & Rear Motor Mount
EGR Blocked
IACV Blocked
Air Boost Blocked
DC Sports Header, Wrapped
2" Custom Test Pipe
2.5" Custom Catback
18" Resonator
Cherry Bomb Turbo Muffler
Custom "S" Tip to fit Wagon bumper
Factory 5 Speed :)
Amber Dash Light Conversion (DIY coming soon)
DIY Red Door Lenses (like EDM)
LED Footwell Lights
OEM Foglight Switch
Integra White Clock
Sunpro Oil Pressure + Voltage Gauges, Faze Universal Pillar Pod
BB2 Prelude Shifter Assembly
EDM Headlight Washer Switch
Volvo 940 Rear Foglight Switch
1st Gen Acura CL Heated Mirror switch (plugs right in!)
Really Clean
Eibach ProKit
Energy Suspension master kit, all poly bushings in front
Stock brakes + pads
16mm Acura Vigor rear sway bar
Future Mods:
Rear disc conversion
Bullfrog/Gude F22 Cam - In Hand
Ported + Rebuilt Cylinder Head
Aftermarket Roof Rack
93 EX/SE front lip
Clear Bumper Lights, w/ Civic Socket conversion
92/93 OEM Fog Lights, w/ H3 Conversion
Yellow H3 bulbs
Custom Rear Fogs in inner tailights
EDM Aerodeck Emblem
EDM 2.2i Badge
West German Export plate
Color is Opel Green, Code G-73M-3
1995 Prelude VTEC Sawblades, Polished
205/55/R15 BFG G-force Sports

Steelies w/snows for winter
Alpine Deck w/amber illumination, Sony explod speakers
Omni-Fi MP3 system
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