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Owner Name: T -ROC (T-ROC N.L.)   Location: united states
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen   Date Added: 04/14/2008   Date Updated: 05/25/2009
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Ride Mods
2.2 non v-tec swap to a 2000 v-tec with se tranny
grey factory interior for now
skunk 2 dropped 2 inch. stock brakes for now.
Future Mods:
hid jdm head lights, music upgrade, lip kit, lambo doors, custom paint job,20 inch rims and air bag suspesion.
midnite blue.
95 stock rims. going 18 with a 3 inch lip.
pioneer radio, duo amps voice and bass, kicker speakers all around.
AWC Forum Name:
lady blue.
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Posted By: nvmeyet      On: 05/29/08 01:40am
as soon as you put that wing on post pics.
Posted By: JdmToy&honspeci      On: 04/25/08 02:47am
If you want to contact the guy tell him that Pablo sent you his email is The white accord wagon is the one that is mine not the black one. Thanks for the compliments.
Posted By: JdmToy&honspeci      On: 04/16/08 02:21am
I got the spoiler from jarhead if you need more information let me know


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