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Owner Name: sean De Hart (peg)   Email:   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen JDM exR   Date Added: 02/03/2008   Date Updated: 05/17/2011
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Ride Mods
H22a JDM spec. automatic with LSD. AC Revolution intake 50 stae legal. SWEET new red top STR dipstick. 10.2mm vision plug wires cap and rotor, MSD Blaster 2 external coil, and ngk iridium race plugs.
JDM cluster, 50% tint all around,complete sound deadening,and double pile carpet(BLACK) custom black seats with tan inserts and black door panels with tan inserts and black suede headliner
koni and ground controle, with eiboch springs. front strut tower bar.
Future Mods:
. Drilled and Slotted brake rotors (Brembo)
Carbon Fiber Hood
custom pain house of colors BC 26, shaved locks,squirters , rear bumper step,emblems, and type R front lip.
oem jdm black housing headlights with hella brand HID's,oem jdm power folding mirrors with american shells.
JUST FINALY GET AN AZECT GRILL, still needs paint.
20" drag DR10 black with polished lip
eclipse 8 volt 7" touch screen with dolby 5.1i, jl audio 600.4 HD, 750.1 HD, jl xr 650 mid in door and 5 1/4 xr csi in custom kicks. 2 13 w3's, Eclipse center channel, full car sound dedning and two kinetik 800's one in each rear corner.
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Posted By: jerryce1      On: 03/22/11 11:50pm
wats up nice wagon men.can u show me pics of the vacuum hoses where they go i just got my swap for jdm h22 my wagon is automatic.send me pics my email thanks.
Posted By: steve from cali      On: 12/17/08 06:41am
nice, whats up peg
Posted By: crash69      On: 10/09/08 03:46am
one of my favorite wagons since i first came on this site i love this wagon your wagon is what made me want to mine up lol
Posted By: OZ*Rolln*DUBZ      On: 08/29/08 05:54pm
i see u also hav 20s. i was wondern wat kind of eibach springs did u use? i was thinkn of using the same springs, bt i was thinkn to use them wit the kyb adjustable shocks. bt r the konis better?
Posted By: OZ*Rolln*DUBZ      On: 08/28/08 12:01am
hey man i luv my hondas bt in cars bt when it comes 2 bikes im suzuki 2 da fullest. Cuz dats where da speeds at. Bt i am sorry dat ur mad bout ma bike. lmao. bt urs looks good. when eva u want 2 ride ima b cool wit it. bt dnt b mad if i leav u behind.
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 07/28/08 11:17pm
love this wagon nice clean jdm look on 20'z!
Posted By: bonilla86      On: 04/16/08 09:16pm
i have factory lights i'll trade you
Posted By: hondaklubdk      On: 03/16/08 08:35am
Super nice ride..! I love the color and rims. Please upload some more pics of that wagon dude.. Canīt get enough.. :-)
Posted By: CtzFlyBoi      On: 03/05/08 03:24am
Bad Azz Ride Bro That ***** Fresh
Posted By: Randall      On: 02/17/08 10:20pm
NICE, clean and looks great. dropped w/ 20's. Can almost urself "Tuckin20's" Great job !
Posted By: 20TwozZZZzz      On: 02/11/08 10:20pm
Nice Ride My Boy! That Paint Job Is Kill-Ah, Itz Super Clean I Like It. Take A Pic With Them HiDz On...Oh Yea And About Those W3'z Get A Couple Of 13w7'z Instead Haha...Keep Up The Good Work Man, The Car Is A Dime!
Posted By: lougambino      On: 02/10/08 10:15pm
Hey very clean wagon love the color and the wheels very nice .
Posted By: Kellen      On: 02/10/08 08:34pm
damn that is SO clean, where are you located? and join the forum so we can see more pics!
Posted By: bonilla86      On: 02/10/08 05:37pm
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 02/09/08 02:33pm
h22 lovely. on eof these days i'll do it. they are really cheap in my neck of the woods. anyways make sure to join the family at the forums
Posted By: EnvyDaWagon      On: 02/05/08 01:42am
I'm loving the future mods on the music.. another jl lover just like me... but why the 13W3v3 and not the 13W7... My 10w6v2 has the same watts ass those 13w3v3 but remember mine is a 10' 600w as to ur 13w3v3.. if u want music go with the 13W7 at 1500w... I would go with the 13w7's but I still got a hole in my pocket for putting in my h22 but i have enough to put 2 more 10w6v2 for the summer.... just remember to join the forums and keep me updated on the music...


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