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Owner Name: Hiran A (Brain'sWagon)   Email:   Location: North Carolina
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen EX   Date Added: 07/19/2007   Date Updated: 01/07/2010
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Ride Mods
F22B1 Vtec
DC Sport Header
Skunk2 N1 CatBack Exhaust
Cold Intake
Clean Tan Cloth
KYB GR2 Shocks Struts.
Eibach Sportline Springs.
Neuspeed Front Strut Bar
DC Upper & Lower Strut bars
Future Mods:
H22 and 5spd Swap.
Color Sherwood Green *Fresh*
Odyssey Roof Rack
JDM Mugen Grill
JDM Eagle Emblem
JDM Garnishes US Wagon Badges
JDM Stanley Coners
USDM Black house Headlight w/ 6000K HID
JDM Window Visor
94-95 fog lights w/ 3000k HID
Stock Ex's painted Gunmetal
Pioneer DEH-P6000UB
2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4 10"
Rockford Fosgate P850 Amp
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Posted By: jr mafia      On: 09/13/09 01:56am
love it,love it,love it sweet ride son.
Posted By: joselito      On: 08/28/09 10:33pm
looks real nice
Posted By: sick_wagon      On: 05/29/09 10:37pm
than 4 da comment.. ur wagon is pretty as well
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 02/27/09 04:05am
Thanks for the comments!. ocryan72 This setup is fine, It does handle the weight of 2 ppl in the back + my subs, Join the forum.
Posted By: ocryan72      On: 02/06/09 12:22am
You've definitely got one sick wagon here. My hat is off to you! One question...can the Sportline/KYB setup handle the weight of 2 passengers in the back seat or cargo in the rear for that matter? I really like the ride height with the Sportline Spring, but i'm concerned that with a couple people in the back seat; it will drop too low and rub. Especially with an 18" wheel. Your insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! DR in SoCal
Posted By: Gaijin      On: 01/05/09 08:31am
your set up says it all !!! got few questions, those 96-97 fog lights really ROCKS, is that OEM and where can i get those? what brand is your muffler and where you buy all your parts like the DC etc.

Posted By: sherlon19      On: 10/26/08 04:59am
gracias mano pero la tuya no se queda atras esta bien linda
Posted By: crash69      On: 10/06/08 01:27am
hey man this wagon is clean its so sleek too props on a awsome wagon
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 09/24/08 12:58pm
hey man we are having our second annual ALL OUT FLORIDA MEET Dec 6th in fort lauderdale. tons of people from your area coming down. even people driving in from out of state. so email me back at for info.
Posted By: hgd718      On: 08/26/08 06:01pm
where did you get those side mirrors they are crazy.
Posted By: cabayote      On: 08/21/08 06:26am
la tuya tambien pa ,gracias por el comment
Posted By: shimmy      On: 07/27/08 12:20am
where do you buy they 1 peace projector HALO head lamp?
Posted By: sanchez_aly2006      On: 07/11/08 03:32pm
i freaking love the lights!! and btw what forum?
Posted By: El destroyer      On: 04/26/08 12:14am
sweet ride papa . i like the lights
Posted By: bonilla86      On: 01/21/08 06:05pm
thanks for the comment i like your wagon to
Posted By: aaron231      On: 12/26/07 07:42pm
thank you its a work in progress
Posted By: alexmoney      On: 11/29/07 10:25pm
Thanks for tha comment, I like your suspension combination, KYB-Eibach that is a smooth ride. i like the rims, the wagon looks fine.
Posted By: wagons91      On: 08/17/07 10:46pm
Posted By: ItIsWhatItIs      On: 08/03/07 02:41pm
My Boy Did It At The Auto Shop That I Got My Paint Done At
Posted By: EnvyDaWagon      On: 08/02/07 03:39pm
I like the suspension drop u have... i think thats what i need
Posted By: Kellen      On: 07/27/07 12:50pm
very nice wagon, i really like the rims you have on it for some reason. good job


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