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Owner Name: headley duncan (hgd718)   Location: united states
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen lx   Date Added: 06/10/2007   Date Updated: 04/15/2012
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Ride Mods
5/2011 engine Maintenance
7/2010 put in new used transmission
12/19/2009 - put in another f22b2
12/14/2009 - engine blown swap time
10/16/2008 - TAS hybrid intake
10/20/2007 - exhaust from the cat back from TAS
4/2010 installed new carpet

10/18/2008 - got some leather and starting on the doors and center console. if you are in nyc check out they are on 38th and 7th.
Future Mods:
-Install DRI LEDS like the new porche from hella or philips
- puddle light mod for side mirrors
- new pulleys, maybe ECU upgrade
7/2010 fog lights
5/22/2009 ordered eurolight light blue headlamp tint from amazon google it

11/2/2008 second round of compounding after painting, getting the paint to shine.
8/17/2008 painted B517P shappire blue pearl off the a newer accord coupe, awesome color in the sun.
7/27/2008 - installed one piece projector headlight, hid-kit with H3 bulbs.
- tinted the windows
7/2011- need new tires currently 225/50/r17

7/27/2008 - Nagakaya 17's, hankook tires
looking for nice 18's chrome with a good lip
3/14/2008 - Sony cdxgt620ip, 02 audio 1200w 2ch amp
(2) 12 inch 300watt mtx jackhammers in sealed mtx box
pioneer 4 way 6.5's in the doors
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Posted By: jarhead293      On: 10/09/08 01:08pm
nice wagon. how come u haven't joine dthe forum?
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 09/01/08 04:57pm
Dude I love them wheels, Good paint job. Thanks for the comment btw, I got them from
Posted By: cabayote      On: 08/30/08 04:29pm
nice ride to,thanks for the comment
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 09/30/07 04:47am
yo on the seats you would have to remove your grind out center brackets on bottom leave front brackets modify welds to keep new one in place top half a lil more difficult you have to cut brackets in seat to fit Acura seats are wider modify hinges and then close in with a system or felt with resin to pretty it up front seats is wiring and two rear brackets on the inside tracks need to be modified . email me @ for more info . Ill see if i post it in the forum with pics
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 09/01/07 08:11pm
my good friend gallo is trying to organize a wagon meet in the tri-state area. so if interested please send him an email to so far 4 wagons down , so the more the better.

Posted By: Kellen      On: 07/20/07 04:33am
i see you got the body work done, nice job it looks tons better.
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 06/21/07 02:48am
nice wagon ,make sure to join the forum section
Posted By: hgd718      On: 06/16/07 01:39am
i know i am working on a good time to get the body work done. the car is driven almost everyday, plus i used to live in the bronx and the less your car looks pimped the greater the chance that when you wake up in the mourning it's still there. and i am still getting the other parts and just waiting for the right time to put them on.
Posted By: Kellen      On: 06/14/07 11:28am
Ouch! that's a pretty bad gash on the back, and i like your idea with the FX45 exhaust. i love the sound of the infinity exhausts.


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