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Owner Name: Matt Drew (MattDrew)   Location: United States
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 5th Gen TeamSPC1 Spnsrd   Date Added: 05/03/2007   Date Updated: 05/22/2007
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Ride Mods
Prelude Motor Swap
Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake
AEM Adjustable Cam Gears
Full Under-Hood Paint
Accell Wires
Anodized Valve Cover and Heat Shield
2-tone Black/Grey Tweed and Purple Embroidered Leather
Tribal Headliner
Reverse Gauges
Carbon Fiber inserts and parts throughout
5 Point Seat Belts
2 Bucket Seats In The Back
Air-Ride Air Cylenders with custom painted Scuba tank and 3/8" valves and hoses
Future Mods:
Underglow and inner LED lighting
Different Subs
Air Compressor for Air-Ride
Halo headlights to replace plain clear ones
Type R Spoiler (painted same purple as car)
Atomic Purple paint with multiple colored Graphics and ghost flames (including door jams and hood)
Full Around body kit
Cowl Hood
Shaved door handles and tail lights
Frenched License plate and antenna
'68 Trans-Am fenders
Trenz grill
pop-lock remote opened doors
18" Limited's on 235-35-18 Nankangs
Kenwood Color Changing Deck
(4) 10" Kicker subs
(1) Memphis 1000d amp
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Posted By: hgd718      On: 04/30/09 03:47pm
the interior work is awesome, i want to learn to do it. keep it looking sweet
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 02/03/08 03:02am
Nice wagon, Nice paint job
Posted By: hybridwgn      On: 05/17/07 04:16am
that is bad azz
Posted By: jo      On: 05/07/07 01:26am
hay man this ride is bad, great job on it
Posted By: Kellen      On: 05/05/07 06:33am
great car, but i'm sure that's a F22 rather than a H22a.
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 05/05/07 04:37am
hey matt u keeping this beast or still selling it? keep i t dude,very unique


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