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Owner Name: "MIMI" (Xtreme Fantasy)   Email:   Location: Springfield, Mass
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen FOR SALE!!   Date Added: 04/22/2007   Date Updated: 03/05/2010
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Ride Mods
v-tec (stock) , neuspeed strutbar, air intake...
custom, BabyPhat interior,
air ride cylenders,
Future Mods:
well as you all know this wagon has gotten a long way and i still have more to come.......its been a real long process but hay im getten there.....and to be a female i have proven to lots that us females can do it too............IN MEMORY OF MY DEAR MOTHER...RIP..
custom green paint, , r34 spoiler, hood and gas door airbrushed...
my nena is sitting on 18 inch chrome wheels, 215/35/18
two rockford fosgate amps, two 12" rockfords, jvc mp3 cdplayer, four 6 1/2 infinity with 4 tweeters, keenwood flip out touch screen (dvd) ,two 6" headrest monitors,one 15" monitor, two altima batteries, one cap,
AWC Forum Name:
XTREME FANTASY: going far beyond moderation, coming from the imagination !
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Posted By: azteca111      On: 01/30/10 08:11pm
I like an awful like the back accommodate think
Posted By: 20TwozZZZzz      On: 02/11/08 10:23pm
Hey, I've Seen That Wagon Before...Haha Whatz Up Girl? See You Around This Summer...The Wagon Lookz Beautiful Like Alwayz...
Posted By: dj_gallito83      On: 02/04/08 02:36am
esta tremendo! ;)
Posted By: DA SHT      On: 08/21/07 02:09pm
love da wagon, your've done a D@MN good job!!! Can't wait 2 see more!
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 07/31/07 01:36am
That's a beauty of a Wagon.WoW!!!
Posted By: lougambino      On: 07/20/07 07:45pm
that is one of the baddest wagons around
Posted By: H22VTECH      On: 06/14/07 06:22pm
nen@ thats a sweet wagon looks real good keep repn ma. let me know if u know who might be selling their wag.peace.
Posted By: Endangered      On: 05/29/07 02:57pm
This is what I call elegant
Posted By: unxchulo      On: 05/22/07 02:03am
love the wagon ...
Posted By: TcChino5      On: 05/17/07 02:39am
D@MN that wagons sweet the interior iz off the hook
Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 05/10/07 05:08am
Great job on the wagon, I love it!!!
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 05/07/07 07:21pm
nice low look luvin dat *****!
Posted By: joecinstaller      On: 04/26/07 01:07pm
thanks for the post..alot of peeps say the same thing about droppin it a i guess i will..when i get the body kit..
Posted By: joecinstaller      On: 04/24/07 07:54pm
MIMI..please let me know where you got that kit..i gotta have it for my wagon!!
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 04/24/07 07:11pm
hi everyone, just wanted to let u know that i got a couple of aftermarket parts for a 4th gen...lip kit( not fiberglass) mirrors, chrome door pillars, rear taillight *new* from a 4 dr would have to custom fit it... everything except da lip kit is *new* never used giving it all in a good price....
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 04/24/07 02:34am
one of the best looking 5th gens i have seen in awhile. looks great
Posted By: joecinstaller      On: 04/23/07 08:37pm
NENA!! YOUR WAGON IS hot!!!keep it up..
Posted By: Kellen      On: 04/23/07 09:31am
D@MN MiMi, that thing is sweet! where did you get the hatch wing? love the rims too


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