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Owner Name: RACHEL ANDREWS (KING DUB)   Email:   Location: Trinidad
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 5th Gen 22''& 18 stagge   Date Added: 04/19/2007   Date Updated: 05/03/2010
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Ride Mods
aem intake,air horn & lil bit of chrome
all led interior lights....all sude soon & plush soon
22's & air ride FRIST TO THAT SH!T AGIAN ON AWC & in the world tuck that 22's....slotted ported rotors all round XXR #1 WHEELS IN THE WORLD
Future Mods:
was the frist in the world & awc to do 22'' & just maybe the frist to do 24's to & a ragtop roof......MORE TO COME STILL IN WORKS....look out...!!!
DUB emblems shaved door molding trenz grill top & bottom jdm front & back lights, street glow underbody lights, an 8 strobe lights, four ccfl bmw halo's HID'S high & low beam,chrome wiper arms & blades all around, chrome door handles....just came from the paint shop not done yet
KENWOOD HEADUNIT, 7 MONITORS,ALL AUDIOCONTROL PRO,RE,beyma ,6''10''& horn drivers for mids, ALPINE SUB, more soon
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Posted By: RastafarIndian      On: 05/10/10 07:07pm
dis wagon looking wicked. juss watch out before u get kidnap nd rob now. LOLL! U do it urself or u send it by a shop?
Posted By: Kellen      On: 04/07/10 03:02pm
dude the new setup is sick! i'm in love with this wagon man
Posted By: wagonon20's      On: 02/28/10 02:51pm
yo dis isaac phone got stolen friday so holla at me on dis number 671-5574 aite word
Posted By: jr mafia      On: 09/13/09 01:00am
trini brother. big it up. but 22' ? wow. i think the lower the better. but looking really nice. bless fadda
Posted By: wagonon20's      On: 08/27/09 06:08pm
daz wey we sayin represent for d TRIN'S on AWC hoss you makin me feel 2 throw on sum 22's on mine too..but newayz sick ride
Posted By: aydenPAPI      On: 08/15/09 09:41pm
wat you had to do for the 22s to fit?
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 06/06/09 08:54pm
its clean and nice ///but 22 on a wagon i dont know????
Posted By: hgd718      On: 05/19/09 03:59am
the billet grill is crazy where can i find that joint.
Posted By: daddyjun      On: 05/02/09 01:54am
hot paint job..
Posted By: 20TwozZZZzz      On: 03/11/08 02:14am
Damn Kid, This Thing Is Nice! I Love The Two Tone And The Doorz. Man Those Wheelz Are Siiick As Hell!!! I Just Did My 5 Lug Conversion, Brembo Cross Drill Rotorz,All New Brakez, Front Upper And Rear Lower Tie Barz, Stainless Steel Brake Linez, Dual Piston Front Calipers And I Am About To Do 22"z Now Too! I Was Goin To Do It Since Last Year But It Was Hard Tryin To Find The Parts For The 5 Lug Conversion, So Thatz Why I Took So Long Plus Winter Didn't Make It N E Easier. But Yo Your Sh*t Lookin Nice Bro...I Love This Wagon Son!!! Hit Me Up Sometime And Keep In Touch...
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 02/03/08 03:06am
D@MN @@22's ***** and I thought 18's was the *****
Posted By: Kellen      On: 11/24/07 07:52pm
holy crap man 22's now that's insane.
Posted By: hybridwgn      On: 05/01/07 02:09pm
very nice wagon
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 04/24/07 12:01pm
Nice wagon, love dat color...
Posted By: jo      On: 04/22/07 10:38pm
dam man this what i wanted mine to look like, love that paint job.
Posted By: EnvyDaWagon      On: 04/20/07 03:57pm
Nice clean ride man... loving those tail lights...
Posted By: Kellen      On: 04/20/07 07:58am
that's a lot of work put in, but it paid off, looks great.
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 04/20/07 04:39am
just like we like it in the islands LOUD!!! nice work man love it
Posted By: DBone23      On: 04/20/07 12:28am


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