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Owner Name: Robert Lugo (El Mostro 213)   Email:   Location: United States
Ride Info: 1992 Accord Wagon 4th Gen Grey   Date Added: 10/16/2006   Date Updated: 01/21/2007
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Ride Mods
Stock. for now.
Grey stock interior. For now.
I have the grey leather for it
Stock for the moment
Future Mods:
right now the wagon is in the garage doing body work
I am shaving door handles lots of things

also soon going to do the interior. customized speaker box in fiber glass etc
Factory grey
18' Tenzo R and 18' crome rims
Most of what it has


1) 4 10' RCF speaker Better than EV's
2) 2 15' alphasonik Mayhem Bass
3) 4 6 1/2 Beymas speakers


1) Hifonics BRUTUS 2000 Watts Class D Mono
2) Hifonics TITAN 1200 Watts 4 Channels
3) Hifonics TITAN 1200 Watts 4 Channels


1) 2 Beyma Competition Tweeters


1) 6.5" pioneer Indash with Navi


1) 4,9"


1) 15.4 Flipdown


1) 2 Sunvisors 8"

Liscence Plate camera


1) 3 optima Bateries YELLOW TOP
1) 1 Stinger isolator


1) Stinger wires


20 FARAD Capacitor

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Posted By: dj_gallito83      On: 09/03/07 07:16pm
Im trying to set up a wagon meet soon in jersey. so far i have about 7 wagons. contact me at
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 05/18/07 11:33am
one of da nicest 4th ive seen, im feelin dem speakers!! NICE!! :)
Posted By: WGN96      On: 05/07/07 09:57pm
monster stereo niceone
Posted By: AIRODECK      On: 12/12/06 01:03am
thankx for the props!!! your wagon is pretty tight!! did you need a high amp alternator to run all that stuff?
Posted By: jdmwagon1234      On: 11/20/06 07:41am
wow thats a whole lot of audio and video, keep it up man and get a pop corn machine and than we can watch movies in it. that would be soo phat!
Posted By: jadisjunior      On: 10/31/06 05:04pm
hey whats Up Remember me about that trade? Cant wait to see it painted......


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