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Owner Name: Edwin (vinelandpd)   Email:   Location: New Jersey
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 08/07/2006   Date Updated: 09/29/2010
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Ride Mods
Factory LX motor with an intake and strut bar
Chrome dash kit and bezel. Glo gauges, triple pillar pod with volt meter, and front and rear psi gauges for my airride
Chassistech air ride system with 10 switch set up.
Future Mods:
H22 5spd swap
Nightshade grey pearl paint, Mugen lip, Mugen CF grille, CF hood, CF gas lid, 5% tinted windows, US Wagon garnishes, JDM Visors, JDM Headlights, JDM intersection lights, JDM rear visor, Depo bumper lights and turn signals
XXR 006 in gunmetal with polished lips. 18x9.5 All around
Pioneer Double-din Touchscreen DVD. 2 12" Cadence Beasts, Kole audio 2400 watt am, pioneer highs.

SECURITY: Compustar 2way alarm with remote start and blue L.E.D. warning light.
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Posted By: azteca111      On: 01/30/10 08:20pm
ya en un tiempo le instalo las puertas lambo
Posted By: azteca111      On: 08/01/09 04:30pm
ei homie para entrar al foro?
Posted By: santosfamily      On: 06/06/09 04:09am
Hey papa it looks real good keep up the good work.
Posted By: EXCHEF2112      On: 06/02/09 11:17pm
check out my ride. It has now been violated.
Posted By: joselito      On: 05/28/09 02:23am
thanks for the comment yours looks decent 2 does 20s looking good on the wagon
Posted By: daddyjun      On: 05/02/09 01:51am
thanks for the comment... looking that wago

Posted By: Unique Wagons      On: 04/21/09 02:09am
thanks 4 da comment, And you got a nice wagon
Posted By: jro      On: 01/08/09 03:45am
yo wagons clean bro thax 4 ckn mine out holla at yo boy!
Posted By: sunrisewgn      On: 10/17/08 06:46am
cant wait to see you tuck those 20's man, theres nothing better
Posted By: lougambino      On: 02/10/08 10:11pm
Hey wasup that one nice wagon you have there i'm from north jersey by the lincoln tunnel i go camping by vineland yo we have to have a meet soon let set up one in a campground camp over the weekend let see who's down.
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 09/01/07 08:17pm
my good friend gallo is trying to organize a wagon meet in the tri-state area. so if interested please send him an email to so far 4 wagons down , so the more the better.

Posted By: famouswagon      On: 07/20/07 02:04pm
wagon looks good and 1 want 4000 for mine
Posted By: wagons91      On: 07/20/07 03:07am
thanks for da welcoming me here, its good to find so many peps wit da same love for wagons, good looking out
Posted By: EnvyDaWagon      On: 06/30/07 12:32am
where can i get those chrome piece dash kits? them *****s iz nice
Posted By: TcChino5      On: 05/18/07 01:38am
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 05/11/07 04:08pm
thankz for da comment , im feeling diz wagon...i like da chrome dash nice..
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 03/26/07 02:41pm
se ve bien bori
Posted By: jo      On: 03/15/07 05:58pm
Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 02/09/07 08:46pm
hey bro do u have ne pics of ya sounds??? mint ride luv the chrome dash
Posted By: Boricariduro      On: 02/05/07 09:29pm
Que pasa boricua let me know if there's more wagons in the area so we can meet,nice ride take care.
Posted By: GHETTO1      On: 01/24/07 04:27am
tight work.
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 08/08/06 04:43pm
way to rep for jersey, holla


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