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Owner Name: ROBERTO RIOS (WGN96)   Location: CT USA
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 03/17/2006   Date Updated: 11/12/2007
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Ride Mods
k&N FILTER ,some red billet parts ,msd wires, iridium plugs
still stock
tenzo 2.25 lowering springs ,kyb struts n shocks
Future Mods:
fctry paint,billet grills,clear corners
Pioneer headunit 5.25rckfsgt frnt,6.5 audiobh bck,10 pioneer sub, knwood amp
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Posted By: jarhead293      On: 09/01/07 08:21pm
my good friend gallo is trying to organize a wagon meet in the tri-state area. so if interested please send him an email to so far 4 wagons down , so the more the better.

Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 07/26/07 09:49pm
Loco ta' linda tu Wagon, I like the style simple. Y los grills where did you get them??
Posted By: lougambino      On: 07/24/07 09:00pm
Nice wagon man thats the puertorican thing you must have a wagon any thing but must be a wagon.i have connection with wings for the wagon really cheap in puerto rico a place in moca.if interested hit me up they just sell for hondas only.
Posted By: Endangered      On: 05/29/07 03:00pm
Simple but elegant
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 05/09/07 04:36am
u aint puerto rican unless u have a rotary or a corolla, nice more pics please
Posted By: jadisjunior      On: 04/17/07 05:06pm
hey im in look for those grills can u let me know where to get them from
Posted By: accordin2me      On: 03/16/07 10:01am
lookin good
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 03/08/07 05:13am
papa se ve cabrona, looks sick
Posted By: jadisjunior      On: 03/07/07 04:21pm
hey nice wagon..... i like the drop and the grills...can you tell me where can i get this grill from thanks and check out my wagon some time...
Posted By: El Mostro 213      On: 10/28/06 01:05am
socio la guagua esta cabrona. keep up the good work. che out mines. 92 grey honda accord the first one on the list.

Posted By: lashaggy      On: 07/18/06 08:56pm
oye primo they r sweating that grill........
Posted By: AccorDubEdition      On: 05/16/06 02:35am
Hey man i gotta tell you this car is so damn clean!!! Good job with keepin it lookin so sweet! An that grille dude is killer!!!!!! That alone makes this ride look so sexy....
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 04/12/06 02:33am
The grill is HOT so is the wagon
Posted By: bubidominican      On: 03/20/06 01:30pm
yo. thats a really nice grill. where did u get it from? and thats also what i would call a PERFECT DROP. Looking good


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