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Owner Name: jani (jambe)   Location: finland
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen   Date Added: 02/10/2006   Date Updated: 12/04/2011
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Ride Mods
orginal... =(
sport/race front seat`s
h&r suspension
Future Mods:
Wagon`s are rare here in finland becauce there hasn`t been any import with wagon modell -93-02... so these all are after imported here and the isn`t many piece in here. but i have two at time and i have owned 4 before ...=)

Future: S2000 seats, Carbon engine hood and roof are coming...

I bought a nother wagon -91 and -92 for spare parts =)
maybe i do little update in winter with that one...
versus pumpers and skirts in summer and orginal bumper and side skirts in winter time... because of snow.

more pictures ->
Summer wheels TSW18` & winter wheels Alessio 15`
dvd player with 7`screen + 11`roof screen
AWC Forum Name:
jambe ( sorry lousy english ) =)
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Posted By: cruise pch      On: 01/18/12 11:01am
Posted By: Boe      On: 04/07/10 11:59pm
that black wag looks sick man
Posted By: g30rg13      On: 12/03/08 03:16am
hey wats the name of that color i am painting my car soon and i wanna get that color its cool
Posted By: g30rg13      On: 12/02/08 02:28am
wat is the name of the color i am painting mine soon and i wanted something like your.
Posted By: crash69      On: 10/06/08 01:46am
i love the collor good job with it the front bumber makes the car look so much meaner too
Posted By: Randall      On: 01/05/08 03:47am
hey loving the one-of-a kind color and the front bumper is tasteful
Posted By: moggesthlm      On: 11/29/07 12:33pm
Nice ride! Where in finland do you live?
Posted By: EnvyDaWagon      On: 09/15/07 02:43pm
I'm loving that new color... very nice
Posted By: TcChino5      On: 09/05/07 04:35am
very nice color
Posted By: lougambino      On: 07/20/07 07:44pm
nice body kit love it man
Posted By: TcChino5      On: 05/18/07 01:44am
Posted By: AccorDubEdition      On: 05/20/06 04:54pm
Sweet ride man...i like that kit, really makes it look different!
Posted By: XTR95Accord      On: 03/06/06 10:27pm
Very sweet ride!!
Posted By: hybridwgn      On: 02/15/06 02:53am
wagon looks very clean. I like that front bumper
Posted By: wagonDAD      On: 02/10/06 10:57pm
WAGs looks real hot neighbour,very nice indeed.


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