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Owner Name: Andrew (Frankie)   Location: New Zealand
Ride Info: 1999 Accord Wagon 6th Gen SiR   Date Added: 01/23/2006   Date Updated: 01/29/2006
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Ride Mods
Simota Intake Pipe
HKS Filter
NGK Iridium Sparkplugs
NGK Heavy Duty Spark Leads
HKS Radiator Cap
Deluxe Cloth over Cloth
Future Mods:
VAFC2 Black - Limited Edition
Beyond2 Motorworks 4-2-1 Headers
HKS Twin Exit Exhaust
Factory Bodykit
Factory 16" Wheels 5 stud
Factory Bose Audio System
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Posted By: Musicman      On: 10/11/11 10:55am
Hey mate, hope all's good. I only just joined up and havent done a thing to my 1999 wagon...yet...but dam your accord looks good, you've done a great job. All im after at the mo is a front bumper lip...exactly like yours to be precise.. nothing to OTT. Would you be able to tell me where you got the body kit from?

Any pointers would seriously be appreciated, there's so many options overseas and in NZ.. a simple add-on to the front is all i need.


Posted By: acuracl      On: 06/04/07 03:33am
Hollo, Frankie: How are you today?

I lives in Taiwan, nice meet you.

I swap H23A(DOHC, 1999~2000 Accord Wagon SiR GF-CH9) into my 97'Acura CL.

I need to adjust the H23A valve lash (clearance),

but i only know the H23A(no VTEC) valve clearance:

H23A(no VTEC):

intalke:0.07-0.11mm (0.003-0.004in)

exhaust:0.15-0.19mm (0.006-0.007in)

Does anybody know the H23A(DOHC) valve lash (clearance) ?


intalke: - mm ( - in)

exhaust: - mm ( - in)

Thank's for your help.


Posted By: ceebee9      On: 01/03/07 06:36pm
nice ride man!!!......i just bought a ganador exhaust system that came off a sir wagon "96" from Japan will i have any problems.....?( is it true that cars in Japan don't use cats......
Posted By: AccorDubEdition      On: 05/16/06 02:00am
WOW man, nice ride! This thing is so sweet! I'm from Connecticut and you sure as hell don't see that ride anywhere in this state, matter a fact not even in this country...haha. Keep it clean dude...
Posted By: flacarncycleguy      On: 03/23/06 04:05am
sick ride i wish i could get a 6th gen in the states


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