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Owner Name: dre martinez (junswa)   Location: atlantic city
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 5th Gen   Date Added: 01/17/2006   Date Updated: 01/24/2007
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Ride Mods
stok just intake
kazkin leader dash paint in white door panels paint it same color orange
i got full air ride f.b.s.s no brake yet
Future Mods:
to put a h22 .lot of power................
well is orange shave door handles trims back door shave cut in halft full body kit
18'' exel-tz-16 whit 18''dunlop tire
blaupunkt head unit 2 12'' sub pionner 2 vizonic amp 4- 6/9 speakers
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Posted By: azteca111      On: 03/23/09 12:30am
hello my name is mario I'm from mexico and I just put this site because I have a Honda Accord wagon and want to share photos with you but do not upload photos as someone tells me how?
Posted By: RUDENESS      On: 02/22/08 07:39pm
the rims throw off the car and the engine compartment needs some the hatch..
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 09/01/07 08:25pm
my good friend gallo is trying to organize a wagon meet in the tri-state area. so if interested please send him an email to so far 4 wagons down , so the more the better.

Posted By: TcChino5      On: 05/18/07 01:45am
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 04/24/07 01:11am
All i can say is NICE!!! :)
Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 08/07/06 04:41am
That is hot Juni...who did your hatch??--Macho
Posted By: DBone23      On: 07/02/06 12:12am
Very SWEET!!!! Absolutely love the hatch. My favorite part of the car
Posted By: AIRODECK      On: 06/19/06 02:41am
gotta love the orange wagons!!!!
Posted By: wagola      On: 05/24/06 07:57am
mean azz bro. Im from New Zealand n i wanna no how u did that crazy boot lid. and also wot colour is that i luv it.

Keep it real bro
Posted By: johnny409      On: 04/07/06 02:27am
thatz what im takin' about one hot honda from NJ
Posted By: XTR95Accord      On: 02/14/06 02:06pm
Thats is wild! Great job!
Posted By: wagonDAD      On: 02/10/06 11:06pm
i like your style man
Posted By: jamartinez33      On: 02/06/06 01:24am
Hot Car
Posted By: hybridwgn      On: 02/05/06 08:30pm
love the wagon very nice inside and out
Posted By: junswa      On: 02/04/06 03:16am
way rep jersey for sure
Posted By: dj_gallito83      On: 01/22/06 10:00pm
Nice ride. Love the white clean look. I can see ur from jersey? if so, what part?


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