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Owner Name: lee abrahamson (hybridwgn)   Email:   Location: usa
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen lx   Date Added: 10/02/2005   Date Updated: 05/01/2007
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Ride Mods
fully built jdm h22a swap with LSD tranny

228.31 whp all motor
320.74 whp with zex wet shot

ge sleves 88mm 2.3 ltr
skunk stage 2 cams and cam gears
atlaniz race port
euro accord intake manifold
IB 11.8 comperesion pistons
IB rods
UR pulleys
ANR header stainles
tanabe super racing medalion
grounding kit
STR 70mm TB
cut injen intake
hondata s200
hondata INT gasket
RC 370 injectors
GE fuel rail
clutchmasters stage 4 with 6puck sprung hub
zex wet kit
act 8lb flywheel.

the dry shot got me 277 to the wheels

125 wet shot will get me over the 300 hp mark
better tunability with the s200 and a wet shot
some minor dash work so far
autometer c2 guages
s/t swaybars
eibach coils
Future Mods:
full collor chang all paint work done buy me
factory jdm honda headlights
19" motegi FF7's
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Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 02/03/08 03:01am
damn that's a crazy color, but looks nice men, like that engine
Posted By: greenbean      On: 01/25/08 03:08am
BEST wagon on this sight by far.
Posted By: MattDrew      On: 05/17/07 06:49pm
Ur wagon is bad @$$ also. i need that motor, lol. whered u get it n how much?
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 05/07/07 07:13pm
nice motor man !!
Posted By: 808h22wgn      On: 01/23/07 11:38am
Thanks for the comment man. Your wagons a freaken beast.
Posted By: Projektwagen      On: 09/04/06 06:38pm
Fellow Oregonian I noticed. Where from? I used to live in Portland but I live in AZ now but I think I'll be moving back to Portland early next year.
Posted By: jamartinez33      On: 02/25/06 03:06am
hot car
Posted By: jambe      On: 02/16/06 05:04pm
Posted By: XTR95Accord      On: 02/14/06 02:03pm
Man you did a hell of a job!! That motor is sweet!!
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/23/05 08:36pm
love the h22 wierd color but it gets attention.
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 10/14/05 02:58pm
wow thats an eye-catching color for sure!!
Posted By: Ahh Cord      On: 10/07/05 03:18am
Dayum 19's ? how much did u lowered ur car? cuz i dropped mine 2" i coulg go 3" but then id need camber kits and i dunno if my Tokico shocks canhandle being that low adn is that primer paint or? but its a catchy color tho but looks nice tho bro keep it up peep mine ( its a sedan just so u know) peace


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