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Owner Name: shah I (shahriar35)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 08/22/2005   Date Updated: 08/22/2005
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Ride Mods
Greddy Stainless Steel headers, Injen CAI, Carsound Hi-Flow Cat, MUGEN exhaust!
Carbon Fiber interior, Black painted interior, Carbon Fiber Bezel, White Gauges.
Tokico Illuminas, Eibach Pro Kit, Nuespeed Front Strut Bar, Cusco Rear Strut Bar, Green Stuff Brake Pads.
Future Mods:
Redo the Vinyl on the door panels with Black and Gray Vinyl and wrap the wrap rest area w/ vinyl. Swap in a h22A with a manual tranny
Type R front Lip, Mugen Style Carbon Fiber Grill, VIS Carbon Fiber Hood, Stanley amber fender lights, Depo Black Housing Headlights, Versus Motorsport Side Skirts, Bomex rear Lip, Wings West Spoiler
Enkei MM2 16" Rims wrapped w/ the new Hankook Rs2 tires 205/55/16
Panasonic Head Unit, Infinity Components in the Front and 6.5 Infinity two ways in the back
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Posted By: steve from cali      On: 12/17/08 06:31am
nice, whats up shay
Posted By: Ahh Cord      On: 10/07/05 04:33am
DAYUM man sick A$$ ride man my old accord was the smae color as urs i really loved how u did it man keep it up! peace
Posted By: SilverShadow      On: 09/09/05 03:34pm
I was lucky enough to get a ride in it. Nice cornering and a sound that makes him get noticed!
Posted By: wagonDAD      On: 09/03/05 12:19pm
nice ride..which wing is that?,price,where?I like it..
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 08/25/05 12:48am
Hot,Hot ,Hot
Posted By: killapride      On: 08/24/05 02:16pm
Very nice!. I like the JDM theme you got going on!
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 08/23/05 03:27pm
smooth as silk,thats one slick ride ya got there
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 08/23/05 09:19am
Looks real good mang! I likes the hood


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