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Owner Name: Teodorico Tan (wagonDAD)   Email:   Location: Norway
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen 2.0iES   Date Added: 08/05/2005   Date Updated: 11/16/2005
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Ride Mods
-Modified K&N oversized cone filter from a 98 mod. 323i BMW
-Simota breather
-Big bike exhaust called "thunder 4" from Raceland
-Engine:Euro spec F20b3 series w/ stock 136bhp
-No rev limiter for some strange reason
-Some dash and door panel details toned with the same colour of the body.
-Modified home made instrument lighting and painting on the gauge cluster
-Aftermarket gear knob from somewhere courtesy of my best mate.
-2 tube neon coupe courtesy lights,also a courtesy from a good mate.
-Aluminum sports pedals with coloured details(body colour) also from some sort of brand.
-Modified H emblem on the beverage holder cover.
-Lowered with homemade cut unknown lowering springs.
-Ride height is unknown unfortunately.Anyway the car is low but not that low.
-Body coloured brake calipers
Future Mods:
-Wings West skirts and wings
-Spoon or Mugen front and rear lips
-Adjustable ride height suspension kit(TEIN)
-MOMO Millenium steering w/ snap off
-H22 swap or Turbos
-Body toned stock skirts and lips both rear and front.
-Plate numbers light in red.
-Plate number moved further lower at the air dam in the front of the car(no screws).
-Side markers removed,holes are modified to accomodate some homemade air-vents-like thingy with bulbs hidden and still flashes when the side marker and hazard switch is on.
-Removed roof rails.
-Modified homemade grills.
-All H emblems Removed and holes were covered. sticker at the left downside of the winshield.(driverside)
-Small RACELAND stickers on the skirts placed closer to the rear wheels.
-Removed rear wiper
-Tinted with black coloured magic tints from The Philippines courtesy of a good friend.
-Simple silver coloured 5 spoked 7x17" wheels from ASA painted in black
-Falken 235/40 rubbers on them
-Not so much to list here as of now
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Posted By: TcChino5      On: 08/22/07 10:26pm
iz dat a booster seat in the front?? o by the way...i like the color
Posted By: jambe      On: 02/16/06 04:59pm
your`s AWC look`s nice too. =)
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/23/05 08:00pm
love the interior. she must run good with out that rev limiter.
Posted By: GuentK01      On: 09/07/05 10:38pm
Your car looks good, check mine out sometime.


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