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Owner Name: Kellen (Kellen)   Location: USA, NC/ Ft. Bragg
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 07/29/2005   Date Updated: 12/28/2009
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Ride Mods
Built H22A4, 5 SPD Accord transmission
AUTO - MANUAL conversion
AEM Short Ram Intake

LED conversion on A/C panel
AWC LED placard
Garson VIP Table
KYB AGX adjustable gas shocks
Progress lowering springs. 2.25" front 2.50" rear, Brembo cross drilled rotors.
Future Mods:
TURBO!!!!!! goal of 435whp!


Darkened taillights
LED converted bulbs
Smoked Bumper lights
Black housing headlights
"H" style 3rd brake light.
15% tint.
Liberal Sports Grill
WW style Mid wing
Odyssey Roof Rack
U.S. Wagon Garnishes
Eagle Emblems
Modulo Front Lip
DEPO corners
Value Sports Roof wing
OEM fogs tinted yellow
EDM Rear Fog
Staggered Polished Sportmax 006's. 18x8.5 in the front, 18x9.5 in the back. +35

Falken tires all around the fronts are falken 512 series 215/40/18, the backs are the 912 series 225/40/18.

Muteki NeoChro lug nuts
Eclipse headunit, two Audiobahn class "D" amps 1200 RMS, dual 15" Audiobahn Flame Q series subs 1300w RMS, Two Audiobahn 5.25" component systems. Two SPL 1.2 farad CAPs. SPL super tweeter 400 RMS. This system is pushing around 2400 watts RMS!

AWC Forum Name:
Kellen (Forum Admin)
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Posted By: 95hondawagon      On: 09/07/11 12:39pm
where can i find parts for my 95 honda accord wagon ex

Posted By: KING DUB      On: 01/08/10 12:35am
an not gonna lie i don't comment much or be on the forum....but i just had to say ur wagon is the sh!t love the thnking to get some my self...from 22 to 18 i think i might make the jump...
Posted By: Lawagon      On: 10/06/09 02:03am
Thanks for the comment. I have some new pics but i cant download them. I upload the pics but they don show up. Any help?
Posted By: crash69      On: 10/06/08 01:44am
your wagon is sick what kind of exhaust do you have?

Posted By: mickito08      On: 09/15/08 06:21pm
Thanks !!! please keep me posted about the show in orlando i'll be there !
Posted By: Keita G      On: 06/09/08 03:01am
OOOOhhh! I love the blue lights! Where can I get those?
Posted By: BIG.O      On: 03/25/08 03:00am
Posted By: greenbean      On: 03/23/08 04:27am
Best looking wagon on the site! Wouldn't change a thing.
Posted By: Projektwagen      On: 03/22/08 10:33am
So how you feelin the new wheels? Looking good! I see you went with the 225-40's in the back. I still would have went 215's all the way around! Ultra stretch my man! If you still got that tail light around hook me up mine is still shattered.
Posted By: 20TwozZZZzz      On: 02/22/08 03:54am
HoOoOOOOOolly Sh*t That Is Fu*kin HOOOT!!! D@mn, I Am A Huge Fan Of Staggered Wheelz And Yo Handz Down You Got It!!! Your Killin`em Out There! I'm All About Nice Rimz, Cause In My Opinion Thatz What Makez The Car You Know. Daaamn I Still Can't Believe It Hahah It Lookz Soooo GOod! Great Taste MaN!! U GOt Me Starin At Ur Picz And I Can't Stop! 9.5" In The Rear, I Am Impressed...Keep Up The Beautiful WOrk, Shez Sexy...
Posted By: Randall      On: 02/22/08 03:50am
Ah. . . . I see that we upgraded some pics... loving the pic of the CE-1 in that side mirror! Just wish that there's a meet closer to the mid-west... It's all gravy. I love the looks I get when I roll by... people here don't understand yet about wagons (CE-1). I keep it real with my Liz.
Posted By: peg      On: 02/17/08 05:09pm
thanks for the comment, love the blue lights.
Posted By: bonilla86      On: 01/16/08 06:10pm
thanks for the comment i like the sound system u got looks like it knocks
Posted By: DORAJAY      On: 01/14/08 08:24pm
hi i saw your comt, need to see how can i get bigger pictures or chnge it
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 12/18/07 02:02am
saw the wagon in person, very clean. thanx for coming to the meet
Posted By: alexmoney      On: 11/29/07 09:55pm
Hey, thanks for the comments. The wagon looks fine and classic with the rims, love that. love the gauges, L.E.D's looks great and the wings add a special touch, keep it!
Posted By: ItIsWhatItIs      On: 08/03/07 02:47pm
Yea Thats My EveryDay Car I Stay Screaming Down Blocks Im Not Done Yet Still More To Come Times Money My Dude
Posted By: morales1      On: 08/02/07 06:04pm
nice wagon i like the sound system and no i didnt get in a wreck umm we were puttin the headlights on.

well anyways nice wagon!
Posted By: Brain'sWagon      On: 07/30/07 04:10am
I Like your Ride too, Like the Color and the Sound, Can I borrow it.....
Posted By: wagons91      On: 07/20/07 03:12am
sup homie love your set up for ur sounds nice very nice

where did u see my ride cause im in cali maybe on myspace cause i have it posted all over there too
Posted By: Projektwagen      On: 07/09/07 09:44pm
What up Kellen? Just wanted to holla at ya! Let me know when you want to get the Sportmax wheels I get them wholesale.
Posted By: checo      On: 07/09/07 08:34pm
what is the forums and how does it work
Posted By: Randall      On: 07/08/07 10:05pm
hey thanks for checkin out my wag, like yours as well. your sound system's gotta hit like 150 decibels ?! i really like the LED upgrade in the control.
Posted By: checo      On: 07/06/07 09:01pm
hey, thank for the comments I try to kip it clean, yes I made the enclosure my salfe now im working on a amp rack i will post some pics when its done. Your wagon looks clean too, how those that system sound it looks like its prety loud.
Posted By: hgd718      On: 06/16/07 01:37am
nice dude, i love the gauges thats what i want for mine, not to bite but they are hot.
Posted By: Endangered      On: 06/05/07 02:57pm
Where did you got the paint gor the valve cover and the headers cover? I like that. Ill apreciate it if you can let me know.
Posted By: Endangered      On: 05/29/07 03:08pm
Symple but nice, especially the crome wheels like that. Hard to find
Posted By: unxchulo      On: 05/23/07 08:16pm
thanks for the comment ... like the wagon especially the gauges
Posted By: TcChino5      On: 05/17/07 02:44am
yea those are some big azz speakers. but thats so they can hear u comein. I was tryin to find a wagon that color but i didn't. and yea Ima get rid of those cut springs im just waitn on some 20s so I can see how low to go.
Posted By: KING DUB      On: 05/07/07 07:27pm
luv your audio sweet! but u can put loom on the wires cover it up
Posted By: Xtreme Fantasy      On: 04/24/07 06:51pm
thanks for da comment ...well dat wing was on the wagon when i purchased it..but the wagon is no way to how it use to look...i like dem speakers u got there..
Posted By: joecinstaller      On: 04/18/07 07:44pm drop though..gonna put full body kit on it next
Posted By: h22 turbomaniac      On: 03/21/07 08:48pm
good job looking good>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Posted By: josh is cool      On: 01/03/06 10:22pm
hahah yeah man your wagon is a moving party right there
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/23/05 08:47pm
love big speakers they must hit really hard and like the chromed stock rims looks classy
Posted By: Ahh Cord      On: 10/07/05 04:53am
HOLY SHYT! das some big A55 speakers! are u deaf yet ?

but sick subs yo! cool and thansk for servin our country btw salute to u n ur subs!
Posted By: dj_gallito83      On: 08/26/05 06:45pm
Crazy box. its soooo huge! Do you keep it in the open when you park somewhere? cuz it seems like the back sleeve won't even fit over the box.
Posted By: killapride      On: 08/04/05 11:05pm
WOW! Those are ginormous!

Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 08/02/05 03:37pm
dayum, dem sum big azz speakers! Nice look mang, keep it up! Peace


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