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Owner Name: Troy (wingnutz)   Location: New Zealand
Ride Info: 1998 Accord Wagon 5th Gen SiR   Date Added: 07/25/2005   Date Updated: 07/25/2005
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Ride Mods
Lowered (not sure by how much, came with the car)
Future Mods:
Better stereo, manual conversion
17" Enkei's. 215's all round
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Posted By: Accrdwgnguy      On: 10/28/08 05:06pm
Nice man! I like the wheels, clean and simple. Manual swap would be a lot more fun too.
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/29/05 01:09pm
look really nice .clean and low.
Posted By: wingnutz      On: 08/17/05 11:44pm
Cheers... a bit comfier than my ole 94 Prelude. I do miss the manual gearbox though. I hope in some ways my auto cr@ps itself, so I can justify doing a swap hehe.
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 08/02/05 03:39pm
Another SiR in da house. Wussup! Looks good mang!
Posted By: profswagon      On: 07/27/05 02:44pm
Nice and clean! Well preserved! Had a deja vu moment, as it looks just like my car (see jack's car below yours). :-)


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