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Owner Name: jack (profswagon)   Email:   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen EX   Date Added: 07/24/2005   Date Updated: 07/09/2007
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Ride Mods
Just a K&N filter; otherwise bone stock.
wheelskins leather steering wheel wrap
wide angle rearview mirror (by prev. owner)
Tokico shocks (by prev. owner), I changed to Eibach ProKit spings.
Future Mods:
New stereo head unit (suggestions welcome)

New springs to raise height a little -- I'm too old and practical I guess...

body-paintwork to clean up minor blemishes
rear spoiler (where can I find one?)
17" eurosport (by prev. owner)
kenwood excelon headunit (w/broken tape player, hanging on to my ipod adapter, grrh). This headunit is a japanese unit, so I only get limited am/fm frequencies. Car was shipped to JPN and back by first owner.
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Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/29/05 01:07pm
nice simple and clean.
Posted By: wingnutz      On: 08/17/05 11:45pm
Hehe, like you said.. a good case of Deju Vu... I like your taste in cars :oP
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 08/02/05 03:42pm
so nice and clean mang

I got a wing on ebay right now, lookie lookie :)
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 07/26/05 02:09pm
like he said nice and simple,very cool
Posted By: killapride      On: 07/25/05 10:38pm
Nice and simple!

I like it.


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