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Owner Name: Marty (deora69)   Location: usa
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 5th Gen lx   Date Added: 07/08/2005   Date Updated: 07/08/2005
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Ride Mods
AEM Cold air intake; Denso Iridium plugs; Accel racing plug wires.
Wood grain panels
Future Mods:
OEM Chrome wheels
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Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 02/01/09 08:27pm
Where you from? I got my 20's for sale, welcome to the site. Nice clean ride.
Posted By: Pad Wunsen      On: 07/09/08 05:37pm
Donīt sell it! Thats the best car ever and someday you will be sad. I wish, my ride would look like a new one like yours.

Posted By: MF BAKER      On: 05/18/08 08:37pm
clean ride, i love this car in white! i have the 20'z on there with nothing else right now. plug and play. i'm liking the sorta hi-rise look and don't know if i wanna drop it any. keep it clean!
Posted By: deora69      On: 07/31/05 01:53pm
There is a lot I would love to do with it, but money is a bit of a problem...looks like Im gonna have to sell the ole girl...
Posted By: killapride      On: 07/25/05 10:55pm
I realy wanted white when I bought my car.

I'm so envious! Any plans?
Posted By: ex-r-wagon      On: 07/11/05 02:20am
Really like the chrome OEM EX wheels!


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