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Owner Name: Vic Alers (alers3)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 07/07/2005   Date Updated: 08/03/2005
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Ride Mods
Venom Digital nitrous kit, AEM Pulley kit, AEM cam gear, AEM V2 intake, B&M fuel pressure regulator and gauge, Taylor ignition wires, Hyper Ground System, MSD ignition, Crane modified ignition cap, MSD blaster, DC Sports headers, 2.5 custom exhaust w/ Ractive muffler, Catco cat, Rockford Fosgate battery, A'pexi Super AFC II, A'pexi rev-speed meter, Professionally tuned
Custom 2 tone Katzkin Leather, (3) Autometer phantom gauges, ichibahn pedals and shifter
Neuspeed custom cut racing springs, DC Sports front strut bar, Power Slot brake rotors
Future Mods:
Veilside side skirts/ rear bumper, Blitz style front bumper, Aerogear z3 fenders, Aerogear Predator Hood, Wings West mid wing, Stillen Wing, Custom moonroof, JDM headlights, Whelen Strobe kit, LED underbody kit, Shaved door moldings and emblems,
Axis 18" Seven MOD wheels, Nankang 215/35/18 tires
Kenwood Excelon headunit, (2) Audiobahn A2201X Amps, Audiobahn 3201T amp, Infinity front component speakers, Polk rear full range speakers, (3) Audiobahn 1206T subs (1000 watts each) in custom fiberglass enclosure, PS2 custom mounted, Power Ac. custom flushed 7" wide screen LCD monitor, (2) Audiovox 5.6 headrest monitors,Viper (alarm) 791XV with 2 way remote
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Posted By: minicoop      On: 12/12/08 12:42am
Man this ride is nice .. Good job man, i'd like to see some more of these clean wagons. Check out mine once mine is approved.
Posted By: XTR95Accord      On: 02/14/06 02:14pm
Great job!!
Posted By: Ahh Cord      On: 10/07/05 05:15am
Man ur cars slammin@ really sick A55 car dude!
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 09/18/05 09:14am
very nice

Posted By: accord-san      On: 09/16/05 07:16pm
sweet. lovely job you have done.

Posted By: kdfalk      On: 08/08/05 05:59pm
WOW! That's one hot wagon right there. Very clean, awesome ride.
Posted By: swchhpy      On: 08/05/05 08:37pm
the stereo is pretty SICK!! I LIKES....
Posted By: wagonDAD      On: 08/05/05 07:59am
I like the stylin and the sound set up.If only those styling and other car accesories have been more easier,not to mention,cheaper...oyoyoy...dream,dream,dream ahhhh.

Love your ride man!I bet you must be a one happy owner of that wagon
Posted By: killapride      On: 07/14/05 05:22pm
Dude, you gotta figure out a way to show bigger pcs.

I'm sweating your interior.
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 07/07/05 07:44pm
love the pics on ebay there you can see how sweet it is to bad your selling
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 07/07/05 07:40pm
Looks nice love the interior but need bigger pics or is it just my computer..


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