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Owner Name: ReyRey Chi-Town (FASTWAGON)   Email: EMCEEREYREY2002@YAHOO.COM   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1991 Accord Wagon 4th Gen RIP   Date Added: 06/05/2005   Date Updated: 06/24/2009
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Ride Mods
2 1/2in custom dual exhaust
intake rh headlight
Leather 04 ACURA SEATS
10 Switch FBSS air suspension
4in. fronts 3in. back
Future Mods:
Building a new wagon.
five lug conversion 22 inch rims bagged
vader front , spyder rear / sides,
siebon c-fiber hood
M1 fiber glass fenders
20 inch chrome drag DR10
3 12 cvr kickers
2 6x9 kickers
3 amps crossover 6500 watts
ipod is da radio
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Posted By: Nate1336      On: 10/27/08 05:18pm
all you need is photoshop.. Im good at it though.. I use it for a living
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 06/11/08 05:17am
sorry guys when they stold it they f-ed it up twisted the body and ripped my spoilers time to say good bye may she REST IN PIECE one love for da wagon
Posted By: goldopr      On: 06/08/08 01:16pm
bori q precio tienen los 20''
Posted By: ceplaya23      On: 03/21/08 10:07pm
i got some 20z too but i like urs better,,,,u wannn trade

Posted By: ceplaya23      On: 03/13/08 07:41pm
nice wagon ,do you know anyone with some factory rear struts and springs,,if so how much and also the maroon passenger side front and rear door panels
Posted By: hgd718      On: 09/25/07 03:35am
i have been looking to do something like that th the seats do you have anymore info on it?
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 09/19/07 11:51pm
wagon for sale
Posted By: wagons91      On: 08/17/07 10:49pm
Posted By: Kellen      On: 07/17/07 07:12pm
DUDE! i LOVE that interior with the Acura seats and all, if you put them in yourself you should write up a DIY in the forums, that would help tons of us out! incredible job!
Posted By: jo      On: 04/10/07 09:13pm
man feeling this car. looking good
Posted By: h22 turbomaniac      On: 03/29/07 09:03pm
looking good
Posted By: Boricariduro      On: 02/15/07 07:54pm
Keep up the good job,love the interior.Check me out
Posted By: GHETTO1      On: 01/24/07 04:21am
looks good.
Posted By: eldemente      On: 08/09/06 02:41am
Nice wagon are you painting it any time soon, do you have better pics, but the WAGON it self is hot keep it up

Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 07/29/06 03:05am
New pics coming soon Wag is in shop........
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 05/30/06 11:15pm
Seats are from 04 Acura STL
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 05/28/06 04:01am
what car did u get the seats from? they look good
Posted By: switches      On: 04/10/06 03:30am
looks good. i see you didnt listen to what size people said is the best. i have a 35x60 rag and im real diapointed cause it could be a foot longer. your wag is hot
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 04/08/06 04:53pm
THE white wagon is my new project to start late in 06
Posted By: swchhpy      On: 12/14/05 06:51pm
u gonna cage this thing b4 u cut the rag??? i had a gen 4 and i use 2 hit alot of 3 wheelz with it and the roof caved in on me:( just a sugestion................
Posted By: wagonDAD      On: 12/13/05 11:56pm
nice ride bro...are you a filipino by any chance?
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 06/08/05 03:49pm
looks good,whats next


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