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Owner Name: Anthony (tonyVTI)   Location: New Zealand
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 6th Gen   Date Added: 04/23/2005   Date Updated: 06/27/2005
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Ride Mods
Standard F23A VTEC 2.3ltr
Standard black interior panels with momo shift knob and a radar detector with GPS.
Future Mods:
Not to sure just yet but have a few ideas.
If anyone knows of any websites for parts eg. body parts and clear tail lights i would be grateful.
Mesh Grill, Factory Tints, Clear Side Marker, HKS Drager Exhaust and Factory HID's.
Advanti Neutron 17x7
Pioneer DEH-P9450MP
Just using factory speakers at the moment
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Posted By: rexy81      On: 09/25/08 09:04am
nice wagon mate, check mine out,, rexy81

Posted By: AccorDubEdition      On: 05/16/06 02:05am
Daaaamn, this is surely one of the hottest 6th genz. i have even seen! I love the drop and the wheelz are perfect! Keep up the good job...therez not many nice onez around like that...
Posted By: dooglymoogly      On: 06/16/05 08:14am
Yo' Kabuki no doubt, It' soff the hook nice and sweet! Can you send one to me in Hawaii? If so how much will it cost?
Posted By: kdfalk      On: 05/02/05 05:23pm
Clean and simple. Awesome wag!
Posted By: Kabuki      On: 04/25/05 10:19pm
Damn nice ride! It's gonna make me cry... Because I can't have one!
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 04/25/05 01:21pm
hey nice ride,really clean
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/24/05 02:32pm
I see 6th gens all the time but yours is smooth!


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