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Owner Name: Ty-Sama (Ty-Sama)   Location: JAPAN
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 5th Gen SiR   Date Added: 04/16/2005   Date Updated: 01/01/2007
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Ride Mods
-HKS Super Air Filter : )
-Piaa Oil Filter
-Stock H22a
-HKS ES Wagon Muffler
-NGK Spark Plugs
-NGK Spark Plug Wires
-Baby Seat
-Wooden shift knob to match wooden panel
-Wooden MoMo Steering wheel
-Shift boot
-Cell phone holder
-back to stock
Future Mods:
-New horn
-Harness for HID's
-Air Suspention
After this I think I'm ganna focus on setting up my Audio

Don't know if I wanna work on the engine
-Breakerz front bumper
-Value Sports Wing
-Azect grille and mid hatch wing
-Smoked out tail lights
-17" Ray's Volk Racing C Ultra
-Pirelli P6000 215/45ZR17
-Bone Stock
AWC Forum Name:
Ty-Sama aka Booboy
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Posted By: peg      On: 06/06/08 12:34am
can you help me get an azect grill
Posted By: Projektwagen      On: 07/09/07 09:56pm
What up Tysama. Just wanted to swing by and holla at ya! Holla at yer boy....Wagonenvy
Posted By: Randall      On: 07/08/07 10:11pm
hey ty, like the wag, especially from japan's sir. i really like the grill. was wondering how to get one for my 94 wag???
Posted By: ukaccord92      On: 01/11/07 09:41am
nice ride , oh by the way im fron the united kingdom .im looking for a body for my 95 vtl wagon would you be able to help ??? email adress
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/23/05 08:04pm
Have to love the H22.(i want)
Posted By: jarhead293      On: 08/06/05 03:14pm
gotta love tys wagon .cleanest 5th gen around
Posted By: killapride      On: 05/21/05 03:02am
Nice beach shot.
Posted By: Gumby      On: 05/15/05 12:52am
like the color...nice wagon
Posted By: kdfalk      On: 05/02/05 05:35pm
Lookin hot Ty.
Posted By: GuentK01      On: 04/29/05 08:45pm
I have updated pics, take a look.
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/27/05 01:11pm
in time my friend
Posted By: tonyVTI      On: 04/24/05 11:23pm
NICE show us the front.
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 04/21/05 01:51am
all those mods are gonna be the hotness ty,looks killer.factory H22 mmmmmmmm


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