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Owner Name: Dan (isnowi)   Location: nz
Ride Info: 1997 Accord Wagon 6th Gen VTi   Date Added: 04/08/2005   Date Updated: 04/08/2005
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Ride Mods
F23a sohc vtech, simota induction pipe, simota pod filter, circle earth kit, imitation mugen oil cap :D
SiR seats , carbon fibre centre console (no woodgrain here :D) imitation mugen manual shift knob.
Super low tein coils 62mm drop front, 55mm drop rear.
Future Mods:
smoothed tailgate with relocated number plate, full faux suede retrim inside (dark grey), black pearl resray from waist up.

way way down the line i plan to convert to manual and install air.
Mugen skirts all around, factory tints, clear side markers, factory HID's. meshed grille.
18" racing hart m6 modular (3 peice) rims, nankang 215 35 18 tyres
alpine mp3, type r components, kenwood db+ 12" sub in sealed enclosure, rockford fosgate punch 75.2 amp running fronts, rockford fosgate punch power 150a1 running sub.
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Posted By: memo      On: 11/16/07 03:14pm
Posted By: AccorDubEdition      On: 05/16/06 02:07am
Very nice!!! Damn, it is real clean! The car looks really sharp and the wheelz are nice...Good Job!
Posted By: skw2378s      On: 05/30/05 04:55pm
that car is gorgeous. They need to send those to the states!!!!
Posted By: singlecamdream      On: 05/04/05 04:29pm
you lucky bastards in NZ with your 6th gens...i want one.
Posted By: 91wagon85      On: 04/10/05 04:24pm
i wanna 6G :-(
Posted By: Kabuki      On: 04/10/05 04:55am
It's cars like this that make me cry... Because I can't have one! Very nice!
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/10/05 12:56am
Nice, add interior shots


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