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Owner Name: brad ebert (91wagon85)   Email:   Location: Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Ride Info: 1991 Accord Wagon 4th Gen LX   Date Added: 04/01/2005   Date Updated: 01/27/2006
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Ride Mods
Power Steering Fluid Overspray on Underside of Hood.
Painted Air Vents
Red LEDs in center console
Future Mods:
Band got signed in the Summer of '05 so haven't had time to do anything to it with being on tour all the time... I think I've only put maybe 8,000 miles on it in the past 8 months. HAHA.
1990 Accord Sedan Bumper Swap
Clear Bumper Lenses
Eagle Eyes Projector Headlights
Complete Limousine Tint
17x7 5Zigen Super Sixes; Gunmetal
215/45 Kumho Ecsta 711s
JVC CD Player
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Posted By: 91wagon85      On: 11/18/08 07:35pm

I sold my wagon back in August 2006. :(

I live in Belgium now, while my wife is here on US Navy orders. I'm constantly surrounded by 2009 Accord Wagons and would kill to take one home. I've heard rumors about the Stream becoming avail in the US next year though and hoping to pick one of those up through Military Sales.
Posted By: steve from cali      On: 03/22/08 05:28am
whats happening?
Posted By: HAVOK      On: 06/30/05 04:29am
looks nice just needs a suspension for that extra fine look
Posted By: GuentK01      On: 04/29/05 08:43pm
I have updated pictures of my car, take a look.
Posted By: swchhpy      On: 04/20/05 01:17am
I live in Surprise, AZ. i'm using aim air cylinders in the rear and DNA in the front. i do all my own work..
Posted By: 91wagon85      On: 04/14/05 03:35pm
we're actually not supposed to here either. i haven't been pulled over for it yet and i don't think they'll take the time to pull me over for it unless they are just really bored.
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/14/05 01:12pm
wish I could do that here
Posted By: 91wagon85      On: 04/10/05 07:36am
no... well sometimes. as for seeing cars it is not. but watching for pedestrians or other objects out the side it can be tough at times. i have this thing for liking the inside of my car as dark as possible.
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/10/05 03:05am
Wow, that's nice. It's not hard to see at night with the front tinted?


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