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Owner Name: mike e (mikey0012)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen EX   Date Added: 03/29/2005   Date Updated: 10/11/2006
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Ride Mods
2.2l vtec
pacesetter header
hyper-ground system
painted black panels
H&R sports
apc front strut
Future Mods:
keepin it clean
depo JDM blackhousing headlights
jdm folding mirrors
jdm Eagle emblems
jdm accord door sashes
jdm rear wing
jdm window visors
oem sunroof visor
17x7 konigs
xm radio
alpine,mtx amps
infinty,rockford,bazooka speakers
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Posted By: lougambino      On: 10/10/07 06:40pm
Hey mikey nice meeting you at the meet your ride was sweet.the next meet we should have a bbq like you said lets see for spring time.ttyl
Posted By: mikey0012      On: 10/11/06 12:13pm
the wing came from japan.oem visor ftw!!
Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 08/19/06 05:08pm
nice ride homie..where you get the wing? im goin crazy lookin for one.. hit me up at
Posted By: la traviesa      On: 04/28/06 03:08am
hey wats up i c ur from my area

mayb u can help me out

im lookin for da rear door and window for my

wagon 1995 ex

need help mayb u know of sum1 who has 1
Posted By: FASTWAGON      On: 04/12/06 02:32am
Have you done anything else to da Wagon lately looks good though

Posted By: HAVOK      On: 11/23/05 08:32pm
nice love the mugen grill and the jdm headlights.
Posted By: Lowagon-Jayme      On: 06/22/05 06:18pm
Thanks for the comments, Nice wagon. I like that color and the eyelids loos very cool
Posted By: skw2378s      On: 06/04/05 03:55am
Looks clean. Thanks for your comment on my car
Posted By: Gumby      On: 05/14/05 11:49pm
nice Mikey...pull the front and rear lips and the below the door side moulding...have some body shop paint it your factory color...I had some work like that done once, cost me $40....but then you are talking about a different color...OOOPS...shhhhhh..I fogot thats a GREY area right now....
Posted By: Ty-Sama      On: 04/16/05 05:15pm
Yo Mikey, looking good!
Posted By: GuentK01      On: 04/12/05 03:18pm
I like your car, looks good! Be sure to look at me updated pics!
Posted By: steve from cali      On: 03/30/05 05:26am
the eyelid/blackhousing headlight looks good.. I like it hey Mikey
Posted By: dfaulkner      On: 03/29/05 02:46pm nice. :)


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