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As far we know the only aftermarket manufactures listed below that make direct bolt on catback exhaust systems and they are: TAS Auto and Mugen, Borla (used to make one. not sure if it is still available), and APexi (this system is only available in Japan). Keep in mind though, you can take a muffler or catback exhaust that fits the sedan/coupe and have it modified by a reputable muffler shop and have the tip of the muffler bent in an s-shape that matches the factory exhaust. You can also have a reputable muffler shop just build you a custom exhaust using the muffler of your choice. Do you know of any exhausts? If so please let us know.

  • Catback
    • TAS Auto- Full Catback
    • Mugen- Full Catback
    • Borla- Jap available
    • Airmass
    • Apexi- Jap available
    • Comptech
    • DC Sports
    • Bosal
    • Trust (this web site is in all Japanese so check the home page for the serial number of your Accord Wagon and look for that number in the parts list)

  • Headers
  • Just ensure you purchase the right one that fits your engine.

    • DC Sports
    • Apexi
    • Arospeed
    • Weapon R
    • Greddy
    • Comptech


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