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The Accord Wagon has a lot to offer when it comes to customizing, but finding the parts to do it can be a pain.  A lot of people want to upgrade their wagon but end up modifying the parts from the sedan/coupe to fit the wagon.  Well there is no need to do that any more, the aftermarket is there for the wagon, you just have look and research.  Also keep in mind that most of the parts that fit the sedan/coupe model Accord will fit the wagon.  Lets start with the suspension.

  • Suspension

There are currently several aftermarket manufacturer's that make lowering suspension kits for the wagon. Check out some of the ones listed below.

  • Lowering Springs

These are just a few aftermarket companies that have parts available. Keep in mind that you can use the sedan / coupe spring.



Sheepdog 1 inch drop
Eibach 1 inch drop
Sprint Spring 1 inch drop
H & R Depends on app
Neuspeed Depends on app
KYB Unknown
  • Shocks
  1. Koni
  2. Bilstein
  3. Tokico
  4. Beltech
  5. And several others...
  • Coilovers

    1. Bec Tec
    2. Apex
    3. Intrax
    4. HKS
    5. Sparco
    6. Apexi

Note: The wagon is heavier so plan for a lower\rougher ride when you use spring that are from the sedan / coupe.

  • Strut Tower Bars

Now for the strut tower bars, Cusco and DC Sports are the only two aftermarket manufacturers that we know of who makes a direct fit rear strut tower brace. The Sedan/Coupe rear strut tower brace is too short to fit the wagon.  All of the listed manufacturers make strut tower bars that fit only on the front of the Accord Wagon.  If you know of any other manufacturer that makes a direct bolt on rear strut tower brace for the Accord Wagon, please lets us know so we can gather information about it.

  1. Cusco

  2. Ractive
  3. Chikara
  4. Neuspeed
  5. DC Sports


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