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The fifth generation Accord was manufactured from 1994 until 1997. In the US, the Accord was offered in the DX, LX and EX trim. Body styles included the sedan, coupe, and wagon , which was not very popular in the US, but very popular with the "wagonists" of Japan. In fact, in Japan, there are more aftermarket parts available for the wagon than the coupe or sedan. It is still being manufactured here in the US, but is not available in the US for 1998.
The body changed somewhat from the fourth generation Accords. However, the two biggest changes were the introduction of the VTEC (SOHC in the US, DOHC in the SiR in Japan) power plant previously available for the Prelude and other Honda performance cars. This was incorporated in the EX trim. It produced 145 hp. The DOHC VTEC version of the Accord, or SiR is a more powerful version of the Accord, producing 190 hp @ 6800 rpm. There were rumors earlier this year of Honda producing an R type of the Accord (like the R type Integra and Civic), and possibly even making them available for the US market. However, it appears as if at least for now that it will not be produced. (Addendum: it will be available in Japan only in October 98.) The Japanese version
The Japanese version included several things not available in the US, including automatic climate control (in all versions except the EX II), Bose stereo system w/ CD Changer in the SiR. In fact, I have seen a Japanese Honda catalog for accessories available for the Accord and it includes an active matrix LCD screen that can be used to watch TV, or satellite navigation, performance exhausts and suspension systems too. I know I have said it before, and I will probably say it again, but the Japanese keep the best cars for themselves.
The other major change was the introduction of the V6 power plant starting in 1995. It was included in the LX-V6 & EX-V6. It was the 2.7 L V6 engine available in the second generation Legend. The engine produced 170 hp and was paired with an automatic transmission. The EX has a "rich leather interior with 8-way power adjustments".
The Accord has double wishbone suspension front and rear in all versions. The 96-97 body had only slight exterior changes, including different rear lights, different rims, and the introduction of the SE version in 97. The SE is essentially a gussied up LX with wood trim interior, Integra GS like alloy 15" rims, moon roof, and leather trim.
US Market Version (note: all have 4 cylinders, except the V6s, and all have SOHC engines) Japanese Domestic Market Version (note: all have 4 cylinders)
DX - 4 cyl: 2.2 L, 130 hp EX II (F18B)- SOHC 1.8 L, 125 hp
LX - 4 cyl: 2.2 L, 130 hp 2.0 EX (F20B) - SOHC 2.0 L, 135 hp
EX - VTEC: 2.2 L, 145 hp (0-60 mph: 9.2 s, 16.9 s for 1/4 mph, top spd.: 130 mph, .78 g skidpad, 60mph-0: 145 ft.) 2.0 EXL (F20B) - SOHC 2.0 L, 135 hp
LX - V6: 2.7 L, 24 valves 170 hp 2.2 VTL (F22B) - SOHC 2.2 L, 145 hp
EX - V6: 2.7 L, 24 valves 170 hp 2.2 VTS (F22B) - SOHC 2.2 L, 145 hp
N/A SiR (H22A) - DOHC VTEC 2.2 L, 190 hp

Honda Accord EX V-6 '95

Honda Accord LX V6 '95
Price (Base/Tested) $23,000/$25,000 $22,300/$22,767
Powertrain Configuration 2.7 V-6/4A/fwd 2.7 V-6/4A/fwd
Power (hp/rpm) 170/5600 170/5600
Torque (lb-ft/rpm) 165/4500 165/4500
0-60 (sec) 8.8 8.5
1/4 Mile 16.8/85.9 16.5/87.6
Braking 60-0 128 125
Lateral Accel. (g) 0.78 0.82
Slalom (mph) 64.1 64
City/Hwy. EPA 19/25 19/25


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