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Owner Name: Charles Grandstaff (94wag)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1994 Accord Wagon 5th Gen ex   Date Added: 03/05/2012   Date Updated: 04/28/2012
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Ride Mods
5 speed swap and intake
Neuspeed short shifter and skunk 2 boot and knob.
stock brakes, skunk 2 coilover sleeves and struts
Future Mods:
carbon fiber hood and wing H22 swap
Fresh plumb purple metalic paint 2/12 Triple fade tint
brand new Kiowa 18" gold wheels with Kumoho 215/35/18 tires.
Clarion 7" indash TV/DVD, infinity highs, 15" kicker solo baric L7 and alpine 1000X1 amp.
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Posted By: DA SHT      On: 07/11/12 01:37pm
Nice clean ride mate, very tidy... And the L7... Hell yea, mean sub!!!
Posted By: hgd718      On: 06/16/12 12:47am
clean paint and tires looks awesome
Posted By: 94wag      On: 04/28/12 07:45pm
Thanks man!
Posted By: jambe      On: 03/18/12 11:03am
Wau... Good looking ride.


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