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Owner Name: JOE OXENDINE (HONDA4LIFE1)   Location: Tampa,Fl U.S.A.
Ride Info: 1995 Accord Wagon 5th Gen LX   Date Added: 12/09/2011   Date Updated: 12/10/2011
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Ride Mods
Orig F22 with just over 150k (new radiator, altenator, starter, battery and all fluids flush)
Orig tan cloth LX trim (5spd)
Koni lowering system (3" front and rear)
Future Mods:
H22A swap, c-thru hood, sliding ragtop, leather int/w 4buckets & front2back center console, airbag setup, one 15"sub/two 10"mid drivers and soo much more. This is my 1st wagon but 7th honda.I PROMISE i know what im doing :-)
Orig tan paint (new black hood)
Orig honda wheels/Goodyear rubber
me singing
AWC Forum Name:
HONDA4LIFE1 aka Joe Oldskool
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Posted By: cruise pch      On: 04/15/12 03:51pm
im beginning my journey too lol. wagns r fun!
Posted By: HONDA4LIFE1      On: 12/14/11 05:22am
Everything starts now!Im glad im part of this forum for many reasons..mainly to get alot of ideas,thoughts and encouragement.Also to get a little pressure to do wat i say im going to do in a timely manner.Honda to me is a lifestyle because ive owned many different brands but i ALWAYS come back home.Honda owners are different as individuals but with same mindset(we like:style, dependability,options and FUN).Ive had 3civics and 3accords...all different but loved equally.I plan to go further than i ever have with ANY car this time.Any tips, ideas or blunt critisism given will be taken.Good luck with all present and future builds you all take on.If there is anything i can do to help please believe me i will....RESPECT


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