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Owner Name: John Monteiro (inetba)   Location: USA
Ride Info: 1996 Accord Wagon 5th Gen EX   Date Added: 10/20/2008   Date Updated: 08/09/2011
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Ride Mods
Megan Racing header, AEM cold air intake, ThermoTec header wraps, Egay strut tower bar.
Wood trim. TAS manumatic shift knob, Junction produce hip pad, GARSON neck pad.
Future Mods:
H23 VTEC, 5-spd manual, new paint, air ride suspension.
Took off roof rack, Azect grill
Enkei RPF1
MVH-P8200 head unit
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Posted By: sunrisewgn      On: 01/08/09 07:36am
lol, thats attention to detail! car looks great man, see you on the forums
Posted By: EXCHEF2112      On: 01/08/09 12:54am
whats up with the blanket and pillows in back ?
Posted By: vinelandpd      On: 11/10/08 12:04am
If you take your key and put it in the slot between the 0mph and the D1 on the dash, the red maintenance required will go back to green :)


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